The big mountains

After 4 days of "lazy" farm life we decided it was time to get active again. The mountains were calling us and so we listened.

We continued our journey through Slovakia going all the way up north - the high Tatras. It says the highest peak is only to be reached with a local guide or for members of alpine clubs. Well, if you know Johannes, you will know how this story continues. I decided to stay out of this one - which was probably a life saving decision. 


Johannes went for it and impressively conquered the whole thing and returned to the car in the dark, grateful for such a wicked mountain adventure. Below you can follow his accent.

The next day, we went on to some less deadly climbs. Not less scenic in the slightest though we decided hike up to Teryho Chata, second highest hut in the High Tatras, overlooking three beautiful mountain lakes.

The ascend wasn't too much of a challenge and we tackled it in three hours with stop and go to take pictures .

The path was pretty well done almost all the way up to the top which is why there was quite a lot of people. A bit too many for my liking. Hoewever the last third of the walk was covered in snow which made it hard to see where the path continued so I found myself broken into the snow hip-deep at some point. Survived. Again.


I am kind of torn over what impressed me more... the incredible view or the sherpas who carried goods of 100kg up that bloody mountain! I mean, what? They are the only 'sherpas' in Eurpope btw, delivering goods to the two huts and a few others scattered in the high Tatras. Locals have called them that for decades and they are very popular in the region.

On the very top we had to realise that all the lakes were completely covered in snow which was a shame. But a hot apple tea later, everything was forgiven and forgotten.

The hike was great and the views were amazing. Worth every bit.

The day after we continued to what the Slovaks call paradise. A national park south of the Tatras. We made our camp at the nearby castle where we met two climbers who spent the night, which was full of wicked lighting and thunder, in their car, just like us. The local boys were super excited about getting to know everything about our journey and I think they fell in love with Sabine a bit. To be fair... she is quite a catch.

We invited them for a coffee and had a nice chat with them as it's always interestig to hear things from a local's perspective. They invited us to go climbing with them but our schedule was set to head towards the Ukraine the same day. So off we went heading towards this exciting journey. 

climbers copy.jpg