Climate change 101

Here we go, a yarn about the biggest challenge we have to face as a human population. Somehow everyone knows about Climate Change and somehow not many seem to be doing something about it, I'm not talking about quitting your job and actively going out into the world starting movements or going down the street yelling "the end is coming" nah, just incorporating the fact that our planet is facing negative changes because of our lifestyles, into everyday life.

Most people shut off straight away when hearing about the impacts of climatic changes. This is not surprising as in general our life is flooded with an abundance of bad news, we can't evaluate them all and try do something about them, so what do we do? We just put them in a corner of our brain where they slowly wither away and continue living in our world which already is stressful enough. This can't be the way. We have to face those issues, just like how we have to face our own thoughts, our commitment as temporary visitors on this earth to keep it in the same condition as we found it, or the need to face each other with dignity and respect. Your not reading an account of how bad our situation is but my believe that we can move into a future where small conscious adjustments can have an immense impact on our quality of life as well as a future that is shaped by less rather than more, by opportunities being accessible for everyone rather than a few, a change of perceptions to community rather than me and the will to keep our environment as lively and diverse as it is so that future generation have the same freedom to play, explore, recuperate.....just like us. 

The time to blame greedy corporations for sucking the life out of the planet is over, we support them by buying or using their products/ services. Sustainable options sprout out of every crack and its on us to give them water, to shine on them with our choice that we have every time we purchase, choose or consume anything. 

You wouldn't believe how much rubbish/plastic we find in even the remotest areas all around the world. You wouldn't believe how many people already start suffering under the influence of climate change. Nothing on this planet disappears, it just changed its location or had a phase transition and therefore is not visible for us anymore e.g. the petrol we put in our car doesn't just "disappear" but actually it just changes location and state from under the earth to into our atmosphere. 

What can we do every day?

  • Buy local, seasonal, ethically wherever possible.
  • Use less plastic e.g. try not using single use plastic like straws, plastic bags or coffee lids; instead try use reusable containers/bags when shopping (no packaging/zero waste supermarkets popping up everywhere, have a look if there is one around you or buy from farmers markets); try use glass or metal water bottles that you can reuse. 
  • Secondhand is the new new, there is so much stuff already in this world why not buy something preloved, you can actually find anything from clothing to cameras. 
  • Talk about it, with your family, friends, colleagues, you will be surprised how many people already think about those issues but might not know how to start, find solutions together and have fun with it. 
  • Don't stop here, let this be the first step to a more sustainable lifestyle or a start to more research, just don't get caught up in the abundance of knowledge readily available today , the importance is using that information. 

Those ideas above would already be a great start. Try incorporate some of those game changers in your thinking, in your everyday activities, often they need less getting used to as you think and mostly they won't even be inconvenient, it just a matter of getting used to planning a little ahead e.g, taking a cotton/canvas or backpack with you in the morning in order to not take a plastic bag in the supermarket. 

Lets all be real here, you knew all this before, its a small step for us but as a collective we can make a huge change. Let's walks this road together, let's start thinking, let's show interest, let's gain knowledge, let's act towards a sustainable, brighter future.