Community bonding

The following days we spent lots of time with Vigram. 


He showed us his various gardens that were scattered around Brno and of which he didn't pay for a single one, he takes care of them after telling the owners about his ideas. 

He is a networker (one time we walked through Brno bars to invite people to a reggae gig that he would dj at, instead of just leaving flyers at the counter he/we talked to every single person in the bar and invite them, needless to say that we spent more then half an hour just in the first small bar), not afraid to talk to people, not afraid to say what most people would just think. That's how he creates opportunities for everyone to help and for him to do what he loves, to live a life full of joy by growing plants that will sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Preparing plants in the grow room in his flat, they soon will be moved outside.

He wants to build highly insulated grow houses that make it possible to grow vegetables all year around. This great initiative needs support, fundraising video and ways to get involved will be up soon. 

Right now Vigram has three plots, is about to build his first two grow houses, lives partly in a trailer on his farm and does most of the work himself. Sometimes he does have friends who help out. 

Any help welcome, no dress code. 

Any help welcome, no dress code. 

One of his future goals is to host volunteers who can learn how to grow organically and spread the idea of community based food production. We wish you all the best!